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We May Never Be the Same After Seeing Taylor Swift as a Naked Cyborg

We definitely weren't ready for it...

Judging by the sleek, futuristic imagery of Taylor Swift's latest visual for the "…Ready for It?” music video, it's pretty obvious we're never, ever getting back together with the old Swift. The singer killed off the curly-haired, bright-eyed version of herself on "Look What You Made Me Do," and with a week out until the release of her latest studio album, Reputation, she's giving fans another taste of just how different (code for sexy) she is from her previous girl-next-door persona in this new music video.

Helmed by her go-to director, Joseph Kahn, the video features two Taylors duking it out for domination. There are a lot of fan theories about what the video's imagery may or may not mean, but one thing is clear: that naked cyborg version of Swift will be an image we won't forget anytime soon.

Swift's sixth studio album, Reputation, drops November 10. So, are you ready for it?

Check out the full video, below.

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