Teresa Giudice Would Go to Jail "20 More Times" For This Heartbreaking Reason

The RHONJ pal also reveals the way she still feels connected to her late mom.

Teresa Giudice recently celebrated her late mother's birthday, just months after Antonia Gorga passed away back in March of this year. And the loss of her mother still doesn't feel real for The Real Housewives of New Jersey mom, who shared that she's "still numb over it." But she recently experienced something that made her feel she's still connected to her mom in some way.

“The day of her birthday, that morning I got woken up and I heard this animal in my room, with this, like, screeching sound,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I'm not kidding, I thought there was some kind of animal in my room. I put the flashlight on, you know, on my iPhone and I was trying to see what it was. I think it was my mom, like the first time I feel like she came to me ... I do feel like that was my mom that day.”

Teresa used her memoir, Standing Strong, as a way for her to get out some of the emotions connected with the loss — and how she felt she had missed opportunities to be with her while she served jail time in 2015. “I lost my mom [and] that got me really upset and angry. That's what made me open up, because I feel like I lost out, those 11 and a half months that I was in prison, you know, [spending time with] my mom," she told ET. “I could've been with my mom those 11 and a half months. I got really angry and I expressed myself, and I guess all those feelings came out, which I have to say was really therapeutic.”

She noted that, in fact, "I would go away 20 more times than, you know, not to lose my mom.”
You can follow Teresa and her family dealing with their mother's loss this season on RHONJ. Preview, below.

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