What Is the Most Expensive Thing Erika Girardi Owns?

The #RHOBH singer loves her fancy bling and fast cars.

There's no doubt that Erika Girardi likes the finer things in life. We mean, she did write a whole song about it. And with such great taste in shoes, clothes, and, well, just about everything, we have always wondered what the most expensive thing is that she owns. Luckily, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills singer was willing to spill the beans. 

"I think one of my pieces of jewelry would be my most expensive piece I own, yes," she told The Daily Dish. However, the singer remained tight lipped on which piece she's referring to. "Yeah, I'm not gonna say. Oh my God!"

In addition to having an eye for pricey bling, Erika is also all about designer cars, and she isn't shy about incorporating them into her work (as we've seen on Dancing with the Stars as well as in her "How Many F***s?" video). And she admits she is kind of a motorhead. "I like cars," she said. "I like to go fast. You know, I was raised in a car culture down south, so I love fast cars."

With cars like Erika's, we don't blame her.

Below we've provided some more proof of Erika's awesomeness.

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