The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Has A LOT of Thoughts on the Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion

"Maybe I need a hobby but [Andy Cohen], this is cracking me up," the food personality tweeted.

Ree Drummond, best known as the Pioneer Woman, has an ardent fan base who flock daily to her Oklahoma Mercantile to worship at her restaurant, bakery and store, yet she's been likely spending her Thursday nights soaking up all the drama on Southern Charm, if her Twitter-spree during the Season 5 Reunion is any indication.

"Does anyone in this room with a penis besides me have any ambition?" host Andy Cohen asked at one point, and Ree honed in on his fantastic facial expression.

"Maybe I need a hobby, but @Andy this is cracking me up. #SouthernCharmReunion," she tweeted, along with a screenshot of his cheeky smile.

Ree also shared that she feels a deep connection to Chelsea Meissner.

"I am just like @ChelseaMeissner on #SouthernCharm because a) she grew up on Hilton Head, where I went on vacation as a child, b) she loves her dog and talks to him as if he's human, and c) she skateboards and surfs, which I have never done," she wrote. "That made absolutely no sense."

She took a moment to compliment Shep Rose on his beard, calling it "totally transforming."

And Shep replied! Turns out, his mom isn't too fond of the scruffy look, so he's been chilling on it, but he warned it can "come back with a vengeance!"

She really got into that finale and left with some affectionate parting words.

"I'm trying to find an emoji, a Bitmoji, a hashtag, a sticker, an avatar, a GIF, a song, a sonnet, a haiku, or a limerick that adequately sums up the #SouthernCharm finale, but one does not exist," she wrote. "So I'll just say I love you to everyone and go to bed."

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