How Much Will Cary Deuber Cry at The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion?

Her cry face is iconic.

Last season's Real Housewives of Dallas reunion was a doozy. Marie Reyes caused a stir upon her entrance, Brandi Redmond revealed her husband, Bryan Redmond, once brought up the subject of divorce, and Cary Deuber and LeeAnne Locken shared what could possibly be described as the most awkward hug at a reunion ever

But the most memorable moments of the inaugural RHOD reunion revolved around Cary's cry faces. They were emotional, beautiful, and altogether iconic.

So as this season's RHOD reunion approaches, will we be seeing Cary shed a few — or many — tears once again? Cary teased what we can expect from the RHOD reunion when The Daily Dish caught up with her earlier this season, and let's just say we are all in for an unforgettable wild ride. And let's be real, would we expect anything less from the Lone Star ladies? Get the whole scoop on the upcoming RHOD reunion from Cary in the above clip. 

Relive all the teary moments from last season's reunion, below.

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