How Shannon Beador's Daughters Feel The Real Housewives of Orange County Has Changed Over the Years

The #RHOC mom reveals what's next for her grown-up girls.

Shannon Beador's daughters are growing up. Aside from that fact making us feel old, it also warms our hearts to see the lovely young ladies that Sophie, 16, Stella, 13, and Adeline, 13, have become on The Real Housewives of Orange County

But don't worry; Shannon can't believe it, either. "It is mind boggling to me that when I started the show, my kids were so small," Shannon recently told The Daily Dish (Sophie was 12 and Stella and Adeline were 9 when they first appeared on RHOC in Season 9). "My kids are growing up so fast. I mean, literally Sophie’s gonna be, in three years, talking about getting — packing, ready to go to college. And I’m not ready for that. So, it’s hard. And the twins... they’re talking about boys and the weekends now. They don’t wanna spend time with Mom, so I’m dragging them on these trips with me. So they get forced to spend time with me. It’s all about friends and their own lives and no more about Mom and Dad."

Shannon said that she appreciates the fact that RHOC has been able to document important family moments over the years since she is admittedly "so horrible at keeping videos and pictures." Sophie, Stella, and Adeline have also enjoyed watching themselves on TV — for the most part. "Well, my kids always say that I embarrass them, but as a mother that is my job, to embarrass them. And when they watch the show, at the beginning when I started, they didn’t really care either way, but now as they get older they kinda wanna watch it. You know, and Sophie was watching her formal or her driving, she’d be like, 'I look good there. Oh, Mom, I look awful they can’t show that!'" Shannon gushed. "So, I don’t know. But I mean they have fun with it. It’s an adventure."

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Since the Beador girls clearly light up the screen whenever we see them on RHOC  (remember when they brought the house down with their band last season?), does that mean they want to follow in their mom's footsteps and be in the spotlight in the future? "At this point, I don’t think my children wanna be in the spotlight. They’re OK with it, but there’s no aspirations to act or do anything like that," Shannon explained. "So we’ll see. We’ll see what they’re all gonna do. I can’t imagine." 

Watch Shannon gush about another important member of the Beador family, below.

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