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Yes, John Mayer and Jennifer Lopez Also Love to Have a Good Cry to This Is Us

"It’s been really amazing," the show's cast says about all the A-listers who tune in.

Apparently no one is immune to the power of This Is Us. And, yes, that includes celebrities, who are apparently also hooked on the tear-inducing, feel-good NBC drama.

"J.Lo and John Mayer," Chrissy Metz recently told The Daily Dish about celebrities she's surprised love the series. "There have been so many people that I have loved for so long. It’s been really amazing."

Her TV dad, Milo Ventimiglia, had a very different answer when asked about A-listers who tune weekly into the series. "Oh gosh. I’m usually so fanning out by other people and don’t even take into consideration that anyone knows who I am," he shared.

With that in mind, Chrissy did know someone she'd love to see make a cameo on the show. "Allison Janney. I’ve had 3 dreams about her and I’ve told her about that. And, I told her she has to come and do the show sometime," she shared. What about Milo? He added, "I have such a long list of people it would tear up your tape recorder." -Additional reporting by Carole Dixon

Check out more from Chrissy, below.

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Chrissy Crying on Demand
Actress Chrissy Metz tells Andy Cohen where she gets the ability to cry on demand for scenes on her hit television show “This Is Us” which prompts singer Adam Lambert to weigh in on internet trolls.
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