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This Is Why Jeff Lewis Is Feeling Frustrated with Gage Edward: 5 Clips You Need to See

See what's buzzing on #FlippingOut and #GG2D.

Is there trouble in paradise for Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward? Well things were certainly very, very, very tense between the longtime couple during Thursday's Flipping Out. And, Jeff revealed just what it is about his partner's current behavior that leaves him feeling frustrated these days. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Flipping Out

On the other hand, Gage, apparently, has a way of dealing with these kinds of moments, as he reveals in the video above.

2.  Oh, Baby

Flipping Out
Is Monroe's Scream the Loudest Baby Scream Ever?
Jeff and Gage adjust to life with a colicky baby.

Gage and Jeff's little girl, Monroe, has some lungs, oh, and, being a dad is harder than Jeff and Gage could have ever imagined.

3.  Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce
An Unexpected Guest Shows up at the Funeral
And it's probably not who you think...

Um, WHAT?!?!?!?!? 

4.  A Heartfelt Goodbye

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce
Hear Abby's Eulogy for Her Mom
It goes a little off script...

Abby's eulogy for her mom was incredibly moving and also very funny and very real. A real must-see moment, if you can watch it all the way through without crying and laughing all at the same time.

5.  Girl's Trip

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce
Advice for Single Women Traveling Solo in Their 40s
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce's Lisa Edelstein says wisely, "It’s important to have the adventures you want to have — and not wait to have someone to have them with."

Abby McCarthy, actually make that Lisa Edelstein, has some incredible advice for ladies looking to travel the world solo — and, believe us, we may use some of her words of wisdom in the very near future.

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