Tom Colicchio Gets Real About the Current Crop of Last Chance Kitchen Contenders

The Top Chef judge breaks down what you'll see in the competition this time around.

The heat is on during the new season of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen, which premiered this week ahead of Top Chef's Season 15 debut on Thursday, December 7 at 10/9c. And to keep things extra spicy, this season features a twist we definitely didn't see coming.

That twist, you see, means that four Top Chef alums, Jennifer Carroll (Season 6 and Season 8: All Stars), Kwame Onwuachi (Season 13), Marcel Vigneron (Season 2 and Season 8: All Stars), and Lee Anne Wong (Season 1), will return to the kitchen to face off against Season 15's new cheftestants as they are eliminated from the main competition each week. And, yes, Tom Colicchio will be there for all the heated competitions.

The Daily Dish caught up with the chef ahead of the "A Conversation with the Host and Judges of Bravo’s Top Chef," held at the 92nd Street in NYC on Tuesday, and he opened up about this current Last Chance Kitchen season, in the video above.

Kick off a new season of Top Chef with the first episode of Last Chance Kitchen, below. New episodes of Last Chance Kitchen will be made available on, the Bravo Now app, on demand, and on YouTube at the conclusion of each week's episode of Top Chef.

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