Who Will Get the Drunkest at Tom & Katie's Wedding?

The #PumpRules couple reveals whether they're on the same page about their big day. 

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz officially got engaged last summer, which means they've had several months to work out the details of their wedding. So when the Vanderpump Rules couple stopped by The Daily Dish HQ recently, we decided to sit them down and have them spill some of their wedding secrets in a game we called "The Newly-gaged Game." Are they on the same page when it comes to music, guests, and most importantly, drinks?  

Watch above for insider info about the big day. Is there an official date? Will James Kennedy D.J.? Who will get the most turnt? (BTW with this crew, we assume basically everyone.) 

And, if you want to relive the heartwarming moment when Schwartz finally popped the question, check out the clip below.

Vanderpump Rules
Katie, Will You Marry Me?
Tom Schwartz finally pops the big question.
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