'Top Chef Masters' Stars Share Secrets of the Show

Curtis Stone and Gail Simmons will answer your burning questions.

The end is finally here: Top Chef Masters Season 5 goes out with a bang tonight at 10/9c, when the critics will crown a new winner. Is it Bryan Voltaggio, Jennifer Jasinski, or Douglas Keane? You'll have to tune in to find out.

To celebrate the season, Curtis Stone and Gail Simmons will host a live chat with fans on the Top Chef Masters Facebook page—right as the tail-end of the episode unfolds.

Did you think one chef was unfairly booted from the show? Which Quickfire Challenges were most enjoyable for Curtis and Gail to watch (and eat)? What really went on when the cameras were turned off? And how did it feel for Gail to announce the Top Chef Masters winner for the first time? Now's your chance to ask them your burning questions.

To participate in the live chat, go to the Top Chef Masters Facebook Page tonight at 10:40p ET. And watch a preview of tonight's episode below.

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