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Find Out Which Season 14 Cheftestant Made Padma Cry: 5 Moments You May Have Missed

Catch up on scoop from #RHOBH, #TopChef, #PumpRules and #RHOA.

So much has happened this week, and we're still catching our breath from all the hot news and gossip. But we'll definitely have a moment to drink in the Top Chef Season 14 finale airing Thursday night. Ahead of the big night, The Daily Dish caught up with the eliminated contestant who reflected on the experience of being on the show before becoming a cheftestant this season. We suggest you stop reading here if you want to avoid any SPOILERS. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments from last night in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Padma's a Softie

Yes, sometimes Padma Lakshmi cries. How do we know? Well, Sheldon Simeon told us when he revealed all about his elimination. "So Padma's super sweet. She had tears in her eyes. I started crying a little bit. And Tom [Colicchio]'s been super supportive all season, and he's had some really amazing words to say. And that felt good to send me off." You can find out if Shirley Chung or Brooke Williamson reigns supreme Thursday at 9/8c. 

2.  Lisa Vanderpump Does Not Hear Your Shade

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Bought Each of Her Children Homes
The RHOBH mom reveals why she assisted her kids with those major real estate purchases.

Especially when it comes to how she treats her kids, Max and Pandora. If she wants to buy them each a home to call their own, she'll do it, as she recently shared with us. "Also I had such pleasure doing it. I did it as much for me as I did for them." 

3.  Tom Sandoval Will Cry If He Wants To

Vanderpump Rules
Tom Sandoval Explains His Crying
Vanderpump Rules has been a very emotional experience for this SURver.

His reasoning for all the waterworks? "I think that's mostly just CG [computer graphics]." Um, if you say so. 

4.  Dorit Kemsley Loves Herself Some Fashion...

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Dorit Kemsley Dishes On Fashion Week
The #RHOBH designer has shown her collections, and been a viewer. (Teaser: both are fun.)

...Week. The designer/The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mama finally answers the age-old question: Is it more fun to attend a fashion show or throw one? 

5.  The Atlanta Gang's All Here

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Sheree Whitfield Breaks Down the Ups and Downs of the Atlanta Squad
The RHOA pal weighs in on weathering her friendships in the group.

And sometimes they'll be drama, according to Shereé Whitfield. "You have to be able to know how to be a good friend to have a good friend," she said. "So I definitely know that you have to be able to trust somebody, so if you don't completely trust somebody then you guys can't really move forward in that capacity because you don't really think this person has your back 100 percent."

Check back every morning as we'll be recapping the 5 must-see moments from the night before. And don't forget to tune in to The Daily Dish podcast to get the latest on what's happening in the Bravo galaxy, currently available on iTunesSoundcloud, Google Play, and Amazon's Alexa. 

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