Sad That Your Favorite Cheftestant Got the Boot? Here's How to Show Them Some Love

Make your vote for Top Chef Fan Favorite heard! 

Have you ever been so attached to a Top Chef contestant, only to have your heart ripped out as they get sent home? We've been there.

Watching Sylva Senat pack his knives and go? Devastating. Saying goodbye to Jim Smith and Casey Thompson? It all just stings a little bit. But not all hope is lost! Thankfully for you and your favorite chef, there's a way to let them know that you care.

Let that special cheftestant know he or she still holds the title of Top Chef in your heart by casting your vote for Fan Favorite! (Of course, your vote for Fan Favorite can be someone who's still in the competition, too.) As you send in your votes (up to 40 times, if you're feeling passionate), the cheftestants will have the chance to move on to the next voting round. The winner will be awarded the title of Fan Favorite — and $10,000, courtesy of S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water — on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on March 2 following Top Chef's finale. 

So here's how to get involved: vote online here or shoot a text with your favorite chef's name to 27286. Make sure to tune in to Top Chef Thursday at 9/8c and get your vote on! 


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