Take Your Vander-Kid to Work Day Is the Holiday You Never Knew You Needed

#PumpRules opening credits are getting a corporate spin when our SURvers take over Bravo HQ.

The title credits of Vanderpump Rules are in a word: iconic. The slow motion, the enchanting music, the shot of Lisa Vanderpump throwing her bag while keeping her smoldering eyes right on that camera — it's all so glorious that even Jennifer Lawrence had to recreate it. But what would happen if these same SURvers were working in, say... an office in 30 Rockefeller Center?

Luckily for you, it's Take Your Vander-Kid to Work Day, and your favorite Vanderpump Rules pals are making Bravo HQ super sexy and oh, so unique. Check out the video above and watch in awe as the SURvers transform even the most mundane tasks into delightfully naughty undertakings. Who knew stapling could be so hot? Well, Ariana Madix, that's who. Plus, don't miss the cameo by the sex monster himself, Giggy. 

In case you're not hot and bothered enough, check out the cast's modeling shots below, Jax Taylor shirtless included:

Vanderpump Rules
Proof That #PumpRules Is TV's Sexiest Cast...
Putting the S in SUR.
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