Was Shep Rose Hypocritical About Craig Conover's Job Status?

The #SouthernCharm restaurateur discusses his previous comments about his friend's unemployment.

Shepard "Shep" Rose called Craig Conover out on his excessive partying and unemployment last season of Southern Charm, which caused a rift in their friendship

But now looking back, does Shep think he was being a little hypocritical, considering that he didn't have a job at one time, too? "I'm not hypocritical on his work ethic. I just thought he was a little bit too big for his breeches, and I think he would agree. He was kind of a jerk last year," Shep told a caller on Watch What Happens Live Monday night. "But my job as a friend is to give somebody a hard time." 

Shep continued to defend his comments by saying that his sometimes harsh words for Craig is just how guys interact. "Women don't understand men's relationships," he said. "We're hard on each other. We don't take it personally. We razz each other." 

In fact, there doesn't seem to be any hard feelings between Shep and Craig this season of Southern Charm. The two even patched things up in the Season 3 premiere. See the resolution for yourself, below.

Southern Charm
Shep and Craig Move Forward With Their Friendship
Shep and Craig have a heart to heart about their relationship.


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