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Watch Madonna's Surprise Make Out With Drake

Plus: 'Scream' gets rebooted for TV, the Wests hit Jerusalem and more viral news.

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Madonna Kisses Drake
When Drake took the stage at Coachella on Sunday night, he had no idea that the high-profile gig would become the night he would make out with Madonna. When she surprised the crowd with her appearance, she also shocked the rapper by planting her lips on his and never let him go. While it was the stuff of her dreams, Drake's reaction didn't mirror hers.

Queen Bey's Mom Gets Hitched!
Beyonce and Solange's mama, Tina, is now longer a Knowles! Their mom wed actor Richard Lawson over the weekend, according to reports. Solange, Jay Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy all were in attendance at the Newport Beach, California affair. The event took place on a yacht (obviously) and all the guests wore white (naturally). The yacht's name? Eternity. Well let's hope so for the sake of the newlyweds.

North West Gets Baptized
With the Wests traveling abroad, they left Armenia behind for a bit to travel to Isreal for something rather special: North West's baptism. The event took place at the Saint James Cathedral in Jerusalem on Monday, according to reports. The baptism took place right some family sightseeing in the days prior and after her dad, Kanye, made a splash of his own in Armenia: by jumping into Swan Lake during a free concert over the weekend.


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Kendall Jenner's (Odd) Future Is Bright
When Tyler, the Creator took the stage at Coachella, he somehow managed to avoid making out with Madonna only to playfully incite Kendall Jenner. The Odd Future rapper called out Kendall who was sitting in the audience, telling the crowd, "Kendall Jenner here, thinking she cute and s---. Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall... I'm over here to your right. F--- you." Her response was to flip him off. But don't fret. It looks like all is fine now between the twosome.

Scream Is Back!
Neve Campbell, where are you!? MTV has revived the beloved horror franchise and made it cool for the millenial generation thanks to its new take on the Wes Craven classic. The small-screen version of Scream will premiere on MTV this June and a trailer for the reincarnation of the franchise got its premiere at the MTV Movie Awards. We're still holding out hope that Neve will stop by at some point.



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