Watch Robin Williams' 'Actors Studio' Ep This Week

An encore presentation will air Thursday at 8p ET/PT.

It was selected as a fan-favorite Inside the Actors Studio episode by viewers—and with the tragic news of Robin Williams death last week, we're bringing it back once more.

On Thursday at 8p ET/PT, Bravo will re-air the comic's epic sit-down with James Lipton, which originally premiered June 10, 2001. One of his most insightful and revealing interviews ever, Williams also showed off his amazing chops for improvisational comedy, particularly when he lampooned Iron Chef (watch the clip below).

Last week, Williams was found dead of apparent suicide at his home. Lipton spoke out to remember the actor's remarkable talents. "His gift was the most mysterious of all gifts," Lipton said. "Geniuses can do things that we learn how to do...It's in their DNA. It's in their bones. They're born with it. You can teach can't teach genius."

The host also reflected on interviewing Williams that day, recalling, "I introduced him and....the bedlam! Then he took off! It was six minutes before I could ask the first question. I finally raised my hand, 'Can I ask a question [now]?'"

Tune in for the encore presentation Thursday at 8p ET/PT.

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