We Finally Know Which SURver Has Worked for Lisa Vanderpump the Longest

Find out from the #PumpRules crew themselves more about their tenures at SUR.

Slowly we are learning the mysteries of SUR. Like, what does SUR even mean? Or, who is the better bartender: Ariana Madix or Tom Sandoval? Or, like, how terrible are the customers sometimes? Why do all the juicy fights take place in the alley? Well, we have unraveled yet another layer on the SUR onion. We now know which of the SURVers have worked for Lisa Vanderpump the longest.

For many of the staffers, it's been years since they were hired to work at the restaurant made famous on Vanderpump Rules. But there's one person who hasn't worked there for very long, or as she put it, "I've worked at SUR for about 15 minutes compared to everyone else — and that's longer than James Kennedy lasted in bed."


Check out some throwback photos of the SURvers, below.

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