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Which Famous Ex Would Joe Jonas Shag, Marry, or Kill?

The "Cake By the Ocean" singer spills all the tea on #WWHL.

No topic was off limits when Joe Jonas appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday. The "Cake By the Ocean" singer didn't let any question scare him off -- even when he was asked which of his famous exes (Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift or Gigi Hadid) he would Shag, Marry or Kill.

"I'll marry Demi. She's a friend," he said, before really having to ponder the last two options. "Oh... this is a game, right? Shag Taylor, kill Gigi. There you go."

Speaking of romance, Joe also revealed if he's ever had a tryst with a fan by asking someone to go out in the audience and bring her backstage to, well, meet him. "Yeah, I mean I’ve invited them... maybe not like... you know, well, whatever you want to think. Yeah," he said, adding, "But it doesn’t always work out if you’re like, ‘Hey, why don’t you get that girl's number for me?’ and they’re more of a, like, Nick [Jonas] or Kevin [Jonas] fan. That’s never fun. Then it bites you in the ass."

Watch What Happens Live
Joe on Picking Up Video Vixens & Fans
Singer Joe Jonas talks about whether he’s ever fallen for one of the ladies in his music videos and says if he’s ever eyed any female fans from the stage and tried to meet them.

And, finally, Joe answered the question we've always to know: What was the weirdest thing that happened when he toured with Britney Spears? "Well, it’s funny because you’re not supposed to, I guess technically, get too close to Britney and the last day of tour... even though you tour with her they ask you to keep a comfortable distance. I just went in there and gave her the biggest hug," he recalled. "She was very loving and had fun with it. You can get close. You can’t get too close, but I just went for it."

Watch What Happens Live
Joe on Touring with Britney
Singer Joe Jonas tells Andy Cohen what it was like touring with Britney Spears, saying he had to keep a comfortable distance from her and says what he did despite that at the end of the tour.
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