Jax Taylor Gushes About His New Girlfriend Brittany: "She's the Best Girl I've Ever Dated"

The #PumpRules star opens up about his latest lady love.

Jax Taylor has certainly had his fair share of girlfriends during his time as a Vanderpump Rules SURver. But could it be that he's ready to put his Casanova days behind him now that he's met his current girlfriend, Brittany? We mean, he has described her as "probably the best girlfriend I ever dated in my life."

"She is just such a put-together, solid girl," he told The Daily Dish in the clip above. "She's beautiful, amazing. She takes great care of me. She's just got all the Southern charm. Her upbringing is amazing. She's just got good family values."

And there's something else about her that really knocks Jax off his game. "She's always smiling, no matter what, even when we're arguing," he said. "We've had our arguments [and] I can't even argue with her because she's just smiling. She's got a Southern drawl. She's so cute and she's just so innocent. She's just, I don't know, it's really good right now. Knock on wood."

In fact, Brittany even has Jax's pal Tom Schwartz's, seal of approval. "She knows what she's doing. She's cool," he added.

But, we all know that Jax will be Jax. Below he recalls the time he sent his mom a very NSFW text by accident. 

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Jax Taylor Accidentally Sexted His Mom
The Vanderpump Rules star reveals how his family responded to an embarrassing texting mishap.
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