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Whoa! Adam Levine Gets Sugarbombed!

Kylie Jenner comes clean, Kristen Wiigs out and more viral news.

What's going viral? Who's been the top trending topic on Twitter? And what are the news stories that had us obsessed today? There's plenty of can't-miss stuff out there beyond our Bravoverse. And every day, we're rounding up all the must-see stories, Tweets, Instagrams, YouTubes, Vines, and more in one handy place. Enjoy!

Adam Levine's Sugary Surprise
You know how you can't escape Maroon 5's song "Sugar" on the radio? Well frontman Adam Levine couldn't escape a person who sugarbombed him outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The person in question (who has since been arrested) covered the singer in powdered sugar, making it easy for everyone on the internet to start cracking jokes using lines from the band's single. Regardless of the prank, Adam still looks pretty sweet to us.

Kylie Jenner Confirms Our Suspicions
Mystery solved! Kylie Jenner is not only known as the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, but she's also famous for her pouty lips. And up until now no one has really been able to explain how she gets it. It's been long speculated that she enhances her pout and now it's finally been confirmed in this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. "I have temporary lip fillers," she says in a preview. "It's just an insecurity of mine and it's what I wanted to do.”

Mariah Carey Makes a Frito Pie
Cue the hair flips. Mariah Carey appeared in a mock cooking segment on Funny or Die during which she made a Frito pie, a nod to a lyric in her new single, "Infinity." And while the whole three and a half minutes is worthy of a five butterfly review, Mariah's explanation of that particular lyric is amazing: “I had an Italian lover named Frito a couple of years ago,” she says. “Frito stole my car. He was kind of a jerk.” Ah-maz-ing. Side note: We're not sure Mariah has ever actually cooked.


The Hamburglar Is Hot
This is a sentence we never thought we'd type, but the Hamburglar is kind of a babe. McDonald's has unveiled the new look for the iconic character and not only is he now human, but he's also quite attractive. Which means when he's not stealing burgers, also stealing hearts.

Kristen Wiig Hates Ghosts

Kristen Wiig might be about to play a Ghostbuster on the small screen, but that doesn't mean in real life she's not afraid of the spooky creatures. And she could barely contain her fear when Ellen DeGeneres scared her on her talk show on Thursday with a man dressed up like a ghost. The old saying might be "I ain't afraid of no ghosts," but Kristen does seem like she is.

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