Would Caroline and Lauren Manzo Let Albie or Chris Date Miley Cyrus?

The #Manzod family plays a game of celebrity matchmaker and some of their answers may surprise you.

Bringing home a potential girlfriend to the Manzo clan isn’t the easiest task for Albie and Chris. Case in point:

Clearly the women in this family have some seriously high standards. But what if it wasn’t just any Jersey girl dating Albie or Chris, but a celebrity instead? Lauren, Caroline, and the boys sat down with Wetpaint to play a game of matchmaker. Let’s see which of Hollywood’s elite made the cut (or got the axe) from the Manzo ladies.


Albie: "[To Chris] I feel like you guys would get along, I don’t know."
Lauren: "No."

Taylor Swift

Albie: "I don’t think I could date Taylor Swift. You’d end up in a song."
Caroline: "You’d totally end up in a song."

Ariana Grande

Lauren: "No, absolutely not. No. Did you see that donut video of hers?"

Miley Cyrus

Lauren: "I feel like Miley Cyrus is a really good person. But I don’t think she’s for you."
Caroline: "I think there’s more to that story and I’m going to be OK with Miley."

Jennifer Lawrence

Caroline: "I just feel like there’s something simmering under the surface that I don’t know about."

Andi Dorfman

Lauren: "I kinda like her. I like her smile."
Caroline: "I think it’s a game, I think it’s a game. I think it’s a ruse."

Albie’s final thoughts on the experience? “This is like a nightmare therapy session.”

Season 2 of Manzod with Children premieres Sunday night (August 16) at 10:30/9:30c and we can hardly contain our excitment. Get a sneak peek of what to expect this season with the preview below.

And check out more pics of the Manzo clan.

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