Heather Dubrow Says Yolanda Foster's Famous Fridge "Set a New Standard"

The #RHOC actress is in awe of the #RHOBH model's famous appliance.

Though Yolanda Foster moved out of her 11,622-square foot Malibu mansion last October, her epic fridge is still the stuff of legend. While discussing the appliances in Heather Dubrow's new home, she and her assistant Natalie Puche gushed about Yolanda's fridge in the latest episode of the Heather Dubrow's World podcast released Tuesday. "Yolanda set a new standard for refrigerators because Martha Stewart's refrigerator was always a little shabby chic. So you'd open the refrigerator, and there's a bowl with a beautiful napkin in it and then the lemons are inside the bowl. It was all very beautifully done, but I want everything sealed shut, tight. I like it a little modern," Heather said.

Heather revealed that in the new 20,000-square foot, eight-bedroom home that she and her husband Terry Dubrow are building there will be a refrigerator and a freezer in the kitchen and another refrigerator in the pantry. However, her hope is that the refrigerator in the kitchen will only be used for food that is ready to eat now, not for storage. "I know this is completely, probably not viable and no one's gonna keep it up, but I just have this fantasy of this beautiful refrigerator that has no plastic bottle in it," she explained. "I don't even want to see the Heinz ketchup bottle, so I'm trying it."

Right now, Heather and her family are getting ready to leave their old home for Dubrow Chateau in March. As the Dubrows pack up their current abode, Heather is "in total purging mode." She explained she's not a big fan of storing stuff away to just sit in a bin in their house forever. "It's like my frozen embryos," Heather said. "They're just there, and I pay for them and I don't think about it except every year when I pay the bill."

In addition to her appliance situation, Heather also shared a couple of neat features that her family's new abode will have for her four children. She's currently trying to figure out how to have a popcorn machine with an old-school wall of penny candy in the basement without having her kids constantly eat the treats. However, her plan to create DIY Lego tables for her daughter Coco is pretty sweet. "I think they're going to be excited about all of the little special touches I did in their rooms," Heather said.

We can't wait to see them, too!

Heather's new crib has definitely come a long way since she started construction on it. See how it all began in the clip, below.

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