You're Invited to a Very Bravo New Years!

Andy Cohen announces a Watch What Happens Live New Years special.

Thanks to our loyal fans, we've had a wonderful year. We've laughed, we've cried, we've had pregnancies, brawls, and lifetimes worth of fried chicken. As a token of our appreciation, Bravo is pleased to announce that we are personally giving you each the gift of a whole lot of Andy Cohen.
That's right: Next week, Watch What Happens Live is going to be on five nights straights for, as Andy puts it in today's blog announcement, "a little holiday grab bag fun." He continues:
"We're kicking it off on Sunday night with Anderson Cooper and continuing all week with guests like Diane von Furstenberg, Tom Colicchio, Amy Sedaris, Iman, Kyle Richards, and Denise Richards. It is going to be a blast and the opportunity to keep the party going on Bravo late night every night. I hope you'll stay with us all week!"
Since you've all been so good this year, Andy is also throwing a live New Year's Party in the Bravo Clubhouse. He writes:
"I love a great houseparty, and so we're having one on TV, and it's going to be something else, featuring the Queen of New Year's Eve Miss Sandra Bernhard, performances from Jay Sean and Kim Zolciak, Housewives from pretty much everywhere, Jeff and Jenni, Mazel of the Year awards, and a live wig-drop at midnight!"
A live wig-drop? Too perfect. I wonder if Kim is sponsoring?
You can read more details over at Andy's official blog, and check back here for more info as we head closer to 2011. It's going to be bananas!

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