Rising to the Challenge

January 26, 2011 • 5:58 PM ET
Bravo: So we are talking about the final three, were you surprised at who made it to the finale and how do you feel about the round? ...
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Mommy Dearest

January 26, 2011 • 5:45 PM ET
So at the end of it all, two designers from The House of Emerald Syx are left standing, with dueling red "tribute" gowns, for the win! With the chaos, twist, and turns thrown at these designers, the message from Calvin, Dominique, and our winner...
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Red Red Whine

January 25, 2011 • 4:46 PM ET
Let's start with the most important issue we need to address in this here blog: The oddly satisfying symmetry of our finale guest judge....
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Hail the Virgin Queen

January 25, 2011 • 12:13 PM ET
Bravo: So this week was the final three, and the designers are tasked with presenting a final ten-look collection. What were hoping to see from each of them in what they presented?...
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Doing It Big

January 19, 2011 • 3:32 PM ET
This weeks' shows were two of the most fun to produce, mostly because so much was on the line for the last four designers standing. ...
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