In Defense of Dreamers

James-Paul defends Markus and muses on his functional creation.

In fashion, change can be achieved with dramatic and an overpowering effect by implementing one emphasis at airtime. The challenge of creating a coat with creativity is something that is functional for everyday use is rather sublime. The merge of two ideas together in fashion creates a lively fusion. Within my group, these were exciting ideas that was thought of and materialized into garments. With a very short amount of time the feeling of expressing the challenge of function, outerwear, quality, construction are indescribable through the use of words. The group has controlled this efficiently, although the pure concentration, or path, the funneling of such process has been a lesson by restrictions. As a professor of mine of fashion in London said, “You get what you put out.” Design development and research is key to creating a powerful collection. Fashion must create an allure — visually and spiritually this one feeds the creative spirit that affects many more newer things. The team's relationship with each other is developing as days go by, I have learned more character traits that are very inspiring and very admirable. My group has learned each other’s differences and are learning ways to approach each other and even using each other to communicate to another when one has trouble, ex: pressing ideas and emotions. Although I would like to give credit to Merlin on his noble way of transforming his attitudes towards his team and the others around him. In my opinion he has changed the most out of everybody and did so with great evidence that everyone recognizes. In my challenge I wanted to make the sleeping bag jacket and really make something that is created with volume outside the body’s normal silhouette. It was challenging and really put my skills to the test by displaying control over the material, but never again will I put so much emphasis on something without taking into consideration the time constraints. Most of the jacket was handsewn and it was so hard to tame an enormous puffy material that was growing in size as I put them together. In the end I was again nervous because I wanted to be successful in finishing my concept into the finished product. I thought my group was going to be on the bottom. The group has more to express and I still believe that it’s a winning team this time we have learned from each other, and I really love everyone in it. On the elimination I am very happy that the sale team which was us had more fun back and wasn’t just ignored by the judges. It was encouraging but I always take everything with a grain of salt. I also will miss Markus, I did mention that CSM grads have less skill in sewing, but are strong in design. I admire Markus’s humor and his taste, his vision. A DREAMER is the best designer out there. I believe that Markus has the spirit of fashion and I can’t wait to see him again in the future and see what he puts out there.

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