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A Better Designer

Keith describes this week's challenge and what it felt like to be on the winning team.

Another crazy day! This morning we ran to the workroom to finish our pieces. I left feeling very confident last night about my gown, but this morning I just did not feel my piece was right. The color seemed somewhat flat to the dress, seemed it would fall flat on my flat chest model. However, I cleaned it up and pressed it, picked out my accessories, and we were off to the show. Of course, the anticipation of a show is always the most stressful part of the entire process. Wondering how the audience will feel and how the judges will vote keeps my stomach in constant knots. We finished the looks with the hair and makeup people and then went to the waiting room. When the models were done getting ready, they came to meet us, and I was somewhat pleased with her appearance. I really didn’t think her look was as strong as I would have liked, but it was too late to do anything about it and the show must go on. As I put the dress on my model, I realized it was simply not going to be very flattering on her and I had to make some adjustments to get it to fit properly. This did not work in my favor because I had to pin something and the judges saw the pin on the runway. Fortunately, my team won and the judges seemed pleased. Tinsley was happy with our pieces although she would have liked mine to be shorter. I appreciated what Fern, Isaac, and Kelly had to say and I will improve for the next challenge. In my line of work, I would never let a dress out of my workroom as quickly as we are forced to work, but I hope this will make me a better designer because of it.