A Great Feeling

Andrew describes how it felt to get high praise from Tinsley Mortimer.

Today there is a ton of pressure in the workroom. It seems like a lot of the other designers are not ready with their project. Our challenge is to create an outfit for Tinsley Mortimer. We had four events to choose from that she would encounter in her social life. My event I picked was the Art opening/Cocktail party. I really wanted to have this even because I would really like to create a fun flirty cocktail look. There is also a twist to the challenge we have to create this look for under $40. I am not worried about the budget, infact I think I can make the look for less than that. My initial concept is to start with a basic and add a pop of color. When we went to the fabric store I found a great black wool remnant for just $2. I also decided to purchase a royal blue polyester satin for my pop color. I was happy with my choice. Back in the workroom I began creating my look, a short fitted black dress with box pleating detail on the sleeves and a splash of color at the hem. I was barely able to complete my dress with the time allotted, but I did with just twenty minutes to spare. I was really nervous about finishing on time, but am pleased with my dress. It’s young, feminine, and flirty.

It’s time for elimination again, and it’s a bit nerve-racking. The three teams are standing on stage and my team is called. We are the winning team. This feels great since my team was in the bottom last elimination. It was also a great feeling that all four judges liked my look and Tinsley Mortimer said she would actually wear my dress. I really can’t express in words how excited I am. I am ready to continue in the competition and keep wowing the judges. Andrew Christian, get into it!

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