A New Person

Johnny R. explains what appears to be apathy, and reveals who his crush is.

Seriously I feel like a new person after today’s fashion show. I had another close call today. Isaac and Fern gave me the best compliment; they both agreed that I was very charming and charismatic and was only bringing 10% of my capabilities and not being true to myself. I find it difficult trying to find a median in my work. It’s even harder with all the added pressure of all the time constraints and dealing with all the personality in the room. Being here has definitely been a learning experience for me. I never thought I could be capable of dealing with something of this nature so well. I can’t wait to see what is coming next. I love being here and want to continue to push myself to be a better designer and also, I would love to continue my crush with the boy at B and J’s fabric. He makes things a bit easier to deal with all the hectic-ness.

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