A Roller-Coaster of Emotions

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A Roller-Coaster of Emotions

James-Paul describes 'The Fashion Show's' first challenge and his win.

The First Day
Today’s experience was a roller-coaster of emotions. The sharpest experience was this inward pressure to create a shirt into a cocktail dress. The rest of the contestants had very strong personalities but they have soon fizzled as they get focused on their work. I have met different people from different places with different experiences. I knew firsthand that I was going to be different through the way I have created the cocktail dress I was asked to make. The majority of the dresses were fitted in silhouette and line. Most have a very high commercial appeal. From the way of how fashion is perceived in today’s world, I felt that the designer contestants were going to appropriate to the trends of today. Indeed the task of making the cocktail dress was of classic look. Although I must ask as to when and who decides the classic cocktail black dress becomes this classic piece and what makes this a classic? As I observed the differing modes of production of this concept at the classic black dress, how does this philosophy deviate from the real fashion as its fullest concentration compared to or even identifying this notion as only a marketing language of fashion media i.e. fashion magazines and television. My approach to such a challenge was a women’s vision different from most women’s identification to what is feminine. To reflect on the challenge even further I believe that the concept of fashion to the whole of these fashion contestants is that a great majority of them believe in a traditional and general belief.

The First Elimination
Today was a difficult day. I had so much to do with my dress and it was not to my expectations. I had planned to bias bind all the seams and with the time constraints I had made the decision to sew the dress in a fashion that I would not do. There are many ways of doing the craft of cutting and sewing clothes. I do believe that such practice should be of quality. I did have problems with the choice of workmanship and craftsmanship of Merlin. I have no qualms at how people do their way of making clothes although Merlin does not have the graceful way of directing as a leader and for that it reflected his relationship with his teammates. In the end of the task, we as a team finished. Lydia had finally pushed herself and she could make her concept work. Angel did excellent in being patient with fixing the miscommunication.