A Rough Start

Daniella talks about coming back after hanging by a thread in last week's challenge.

I definitely started this one off rough. My confidence was totally crushed and it took a lot of encouragement from amazing friends I’ve made here to get me to roll it off my shoulders. I really wanted to go into this challenge with a fresh mind and attitude and having learned something. I mean, I love this industry and someone once told me that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Well I wanted to remember that going into this challenge — how I’ve immersed myself in this industry my whole adult life and still thirst for more knowledge. I was really proud to come back from last week strong and confident, and happy for Anna that she finally got to win a Mini Challenge. Truthfully, I would have wanted the burden she had, and am really grateful to have gotten a chance to have one of the most iconic designers inspire me to do something I wouldn’t usually have done. And to be back right away in the top, I consider that a win, and especially standing up there with Johnny whose dress I adored, I would have been thrilled with either of us winning because in that moment I couldn’t have been prouder of myself or happier for my fellow designers who helped me get through the shock and nerves of “hanging by a thread” last week. But my excitement quickly faded when I realized what came next. If this was fair, it would have been JP or Merlin up there with Reco’s horrendous Disney on Ice ball gown. But Haven was a good player in this game and truthfully her outfit was incomparably more tasteful. She made it to Episode 8 like she wanted though. And I think I’ll miss her more than anyone. She was our rock, our entertainment, and our confidant. I hope this competition does great things for her career because she knows and loves this industry and deserves all the good fortune in the world. I love you Haven. See you on the other side!

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