A Small Fit

Haven describes how she felt being told she is "hanging by a thread."

For this week's elimination, Reco was head designer. The challenge was to make an outerwear coat for each season with a surprise function. I designed a summer coat/dress that had inside compartments at the skirt for hairspray, mirror, and cosmetics. When Isaac and Kelly came in to see our progress I got into a bit of a tiff with them about a comment they had made about my design aesthetic. As usual, I threw a small fit, but quickly recovered and continued to work on my garment. At elimination, we were the losing team and sadly, Markus and I were up for elimination. Markus was sent home and I was told to work on my confidence as a designer. Isaac told me I was “hanging by a thread, not by my strand of pearls.” It was cute and I was glad to be given another chance.

<3 Haven

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