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A Work of Art

Merlin describes working with Johnny, who he describes as "insecure."

I call this week the sacrifice of fashion. The week before, they told us that only the uncultured and uneducated people represent 10% of the population and will be the ones that buy the trash of dreams. This week's Mini Challenge started by putting us into pairs to work together. I was paired with Johnny. The theme was to better or transform the "walk of shame" outfit into an outfit suitable for work. Johnny and I won!

For the final challenge we stayed in our same pairs and had to design an outfit for Isaac's line. Johnny is a good guy and very insecure of his talent; he limited his creativity because he didn't have the capacity to pick his vision like a designer would. He has an obsession for varied materials especially Lycra and Spandex and picked out felt for one of our pieces. Once we got to the fabric store, I didn't have a chance to discuss the theme of the project with him and before I knew it he came back with all sorts of fabric in his hands. I decided to let him pick the fabric and I would just make sure that the construction of the outfit would be good. I hoped this would show him it didn't matter what rank or economic status people were, what's important is the quality of the garment and how it's made.

I thought we would have won because of the quality and design. It was one of the most liked outfits, but in the end Anna and Haven won. Johnny said this was his concept and wish but if the reader looks at my site, they'll see that I have an entire collection called "Tita" of this wish that I made three years ago that is a better constructed. With respect to the jackets, it wouldn't have been half of the jacket Johnny had in mind if I hadn't transformed it into a work of art. Amen