All About Tinsley

Markus explains where his design for the fabulous Tinsley Mortimer went wrong.

Dear Diary, I am writing you from fashion camp (ha ha). It does feel like a strange glamorous camp at times. I was so beyond words excited to design for Tinsley Mortimer but the challenge was so difficult because first we had to buy fabric on a $40 budget, although I think I made great fabric choices. I feel our group was quite lost as a whole especially because of Laura and her artful dress and tulle. I also think Reco tries to sew so fast to be done and doesn’t think about design so much. I felt I spent too much time draping then trying to get something sculpted and modern but it ended up looking like a real dress and led me to almost get eliminated. I was very embarrassed when I was one of the last three up there but I knew my design next to Laura’s still looked very chic and Tinsley definitely saw where I was going with my design. I am glad I am still here and hope the next guest is as fabulous as Tinsley.

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