Am I Dreaming?

Daniella shares her amazement at making it to the final four.

OMG! Are you serious? Am I dreaming? I think it wasn’t until Isaac looked at us all and told us we were the best and Issac Mizrahi called us talented that I realized all the amazing opportunities we’ve experienced and people we’ve met through this journey! I was so humbled in that moment and yet so, so proud! Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Every moment of doubt I ever experienced in this competition was all for this very moment of confirmation of what I’ve believed my whole career — I am a great designer! And to be honest it is a huge honor to be competing against other really talented and diverse creative designers. I mean, to have stood in the top two next to Anna’s work or art and Glenda Bailey tell me I won because she would shoot my dress for Harper’s Bazaar! Where the hell am I!? Can someone please pinch me?! Guaranteed spot in the finale! I guess I always knew this was what I’ve been working for, but what an amazing moment.
I feel terrible for Johnny. What a sweet, creative, smart person — he would have brought so much innovation to the show which is what is so sad and ironic about the judging criteria of his elimination. I’m actually intrigued to see what James-Paul will do, but I cannot wait to get started. I am so excited. Congrats to everyone else. It really is an amazing thing. And I am especially grateful to go into this experience with the confidence of having won the final challenge! Yay!

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