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Designed by Daniella Kallmeyer

Daniella shares her dissatisfaction with Andrew's win in this week's challenge.

I think I cared the most about this elimination. First of all, I felt that every group had brought really strong and really weak designs to the show and I didn’t think there was one obvious winning or losing team. I liked the quality of work I produced, but there were a lot of design elements I wish I could have changed or developed. This however was not my worry. As the hours approached the show, I became more and more furious about the lack of talent and contribution Andrew brought to the group. I don’t need to explain much because anyone watching the progress of the team would see that not only did I have to hold his hand through every decision, but I also had to design Andrew’s entire look. For the record, that coat was 99.9% MY design and the more I think about it, it’s f--king bulls--t that in a competition of creativity and skill he can get away with totally ripping of my design that I though of in the fabric store while my request for his input was met by blank stares and amateur ideas. I am sick of pulling him through this competition AGAIN when he does not deserve to be here. I mean, this is a design I could have produced for myself in another challenge, and yet if I had not allowed him to do that, I might not have led a winning team! At least I know and everyone and anyone watching this episode will realize that the winning design of this challenge was MINE — from concept to fabric and color choices, and even to proportion and length. That coat was designed by Daniella Kallmeyer and everyone knows it is true. This is why I am sick of working in groups. Andrew shouldn’t still be here, let alone be given the satisfaction of standing up there and being told he had the winning design. Andrew, you know you don’t deserve it, so you can live with that. But anyway, I will not be stringing him along again this week. And when he is on the chopping block, I will not be sending any of the positive energies I was sending to Haven to manifest her continuation in this competition. And I am so glad she is still here, even if it is only for another week. She deserves to be here, and I am one week less crazy because she is.