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Fashion over Function

Keith explains why he didn't love the purpose of this week's challenge.

Today is another elimination day and to be honest I’m not feeling confident about it. Outerwear is not my strong suit and I really don’t like the idea of multifunctional clothing. Most people don’t want their clothing to do more than cover their bodies and express who they are as a person. Of course, if the clothing has pockets they should hold their personal belongings. I suppose I like the idea I came up with which is a jacket that can quickly detach to become everything one might need to have for a quick picnic in the park. The skirt panel of the jacket detaches to become a picnic blanket and the hood folds into a pillow leaving the girl wearing a cute little top that would pair well with a bikini bottom. Believe it or not, I have also come down with a pretty serious fever. Trying to handsew 25 snaps onto my jacket is a nightmare. My hands won’t stop shaking and I can’t focus because all I want to do is sleep. Just my luck! Oh well, so they say, the show must go on. As I watched the show, I saw Isaac and Kelly smile when my jacket came apart. I thought for sure they would say something nice about it but once again, I find myself the weakest link on the winning team. I just feel so frustrated because I am a better designer than I am showing and I really want to impress the judges. And of course the guest judge is one of my all-time favorite designers, Norma Kamali! I hope she will see me for more than this one competition and somehow my talent as a designer will come through. The judges like what I did and have expressed a sincere interest for me to push myself. I am determined to impress them and I sure hope I do it before I get voted off the show. I must succeed!! I can’t wait for the next challenge and I will get it right.