Feeling Hesitant

Daniella talks about her team's focus and her win.

Tonight was the Fashion Show and elimination. I have to say, I was feeling really hesitant about our collection because the direction never felt solid. Also, just with seeing yards and yards of hot pinks and purples everywhere, I was nervous about having been too different and too safe. But when we to see it all together and put it all in context, I realized how sophisticated and relevant we had made our line. Looking around the dressing room backstage I felt really nervous – I mean it was the first time I realized that not only was Tinsley Mortimer going to judge our looks and try to know us as designers but that my family would all watch this in anticipation and then watch me win! Truthfully, I was so excited when Isaac, Kelly, Tinsley, and Fern were looking at my work, that I think I blacked out momentarily every time they said my name. It actually took me until we sat down and Anna congratulated me to realize I had won! Anyway so then it’s time for elimination and bringing out Johnny’s dress was a crazy scary twist!! I mean I didn’t even hate Markus' outfit as mush as the judges seemed to but I understood their problems with it. In the end though, they just couldn’t send someone home for poor construction when they're up against a design with such poor judgment.

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