James-Paul describes the scene in the workroom.

The results of the shoe challenge were great. Everyone displayed their skills under pressure among other things. It was hard to step out of the frame and truly see what everybody was doing during the challenge as well as after the challenge. It was hard to see what everyone was doing because I was very focused on what I was doing. In passing, it was very interesting to see what everyone was sketching. I really liked what Keith was doing. It’s exciting to see he’s finally doing what he would do on his own.

The elimination was interesting because I was thinking how things have changed in dealing with people who are eliminated since they are now independent. The pressure between the judges was intense. It was the first time I had seen opinions that run against the grain. There was unpredictability on the choice of who was going to stay because the choice could go either way. Lidia held her head up high and carried herself with dignity as well as Andrew.

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