Forever Loyal

Anna talks about her effective collaboration with her partner Haven.

I won! Well, Haven and I both won which is just as good because we worked really well together, and it proves that I have the ability to not only collaborate with other designers, but design with someone else’s vision in mind. I absolutely loved the mood we were working with which helped and because I was working with Haven, we both took risks with our colors and patterns and it totally paid off. I was thrilled that Isaac liked it and really proud of myself that I was able to execute the jacket I made because it was unlike anything I have ever draped or drafted on my own before. The necklace was a take on a breastplate design I worked into a piece in my Fall 09 collection for Miranda Darkling and I thought it was very successful, not to mention I am sure that Fern wanted it. I love Fern. Haven said some of the nicest things about me to the judges today and I am forever loyal to her. She is a real friend for sure. I felt bad for Daniella and Reco because I did like their piece. I was sure that either Lydia or James-Paul would go home! From here on out I have to really try to do my best work so I can get to the finals. Although I walked into this competition with an open mind and no expectations I really think I have a good shot at getting pretty far. Whatever happens, I have already gotten a lot out of this experience and I want to continue so I can make the most of what it has to offer.

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