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Getting On-Board

Haven talks about being runner-up in the elimination challenge.

For this week’s Mini Challenge, we had to design a graphic t-shirt for a high school girl who was running for student body president. We each had a book bag that had different types of cliques from high school. I got the skater clique, and my t-shirt was one of the bottom three. I was a little upset because I thought it was really cute and clever and I loved my slogan, “Get on board with Giuliana.” Daniella won and received immunity for the elimination challenge. For that challenge, we had to design for a girl in her 20s who was in the same clique in high school and somehow incorporate our graphic T. I started off dreading the challenge and not really caring, but at the same point my outfit started looking pretty good and it began to grow on me. I finished early and my execution was great. I was runner-up in the challenge with Merlin winning and I was so happy and surprised!!! Yea! I wanted to run around the set screaming “I won, I won!” even thought I didn’t. Angel and Johnny were up for elimination and Angel went home. I’m glad that Johnny’s still here. Love him.