Goodbye, Laura

James-Paul analyzes Laura's elimination.

Today’s elimination was somewhat very somber and I also feel conflicted on how I am placed within the show. It was sad because Laura has left. I felt that she really wanted to stay for the reason that she has not shown her full potential. The group that Laura was a part of voiced their opinions about their designs against her. I think that if the group communicated enough, the challenge would be of the design aspect. It is a given that personalities clash, but only to the real developing situation of a project. One might say that the situation of Laura as in the show would be similar to the outside world, but in its actuality, real life situations do not emphasize personal taste and conviction but its emphasis is towards the design analysis. The opinion of personal taste corrupts the design process, unless the interpretation is based on the individual, therefore the translation towards one meaning is essential. The result of the designed items Laura has resulted within the category of personal convictions, in which clouded the results of developing and creating a clear visual message of the clothing.

The main aspect of the challenge is unknown to me although my impression is towards creating a piece that is based on my information from Angel. This challenge was a triple challenge because I do not have a consultation from Ms. Mortimer, I have to translate Angel’s information about Ms. Mortimer’s, but as well as a design team that I have to lead. I am so happy that Daniella won this challenge. I knew she would be stronger as an opponent to create more challenging projects because the competition would turn much more interesting if there were creative contests between each designer’s talents and skills. This places my concerns about the other designers and the objectives of the show, which I might say is vague and open to translation. I will follow my path as a designer to which nobody else takes. I have no fear of not designing fashions to which people of the audience consider as fashion. I believe that it is shallow and continuation and the narration of dependent belief within the many facets of traditional fashion in designing. I am also to consider starting combining the different philosophies of my design aesthetics together with the rectangle and squares I have been developing. I would like to create an impact and a great impression to not only the audience but to developments I could apply on the spot for The Fashion Show. I will miss Laura a lot and I hope to see her someday with her real clothes that she had designed.

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