I Do Doubt Myself

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I Do Doubt Myself

Daniella describes the pitfalls of winning this week's Mini Challenge.

I finally won a Mini Challenge, and now I wish I hadn’t. Worst prize ever for winning! Hey guess what? Congrats on being a great illustrator and having a good eye for detail. Now you get to make enemies and tell everyone who you don’t like while the judges still eliminate whoever they want to — lucky you. And I think me winning the main challenge is proof that I don’t need such a prize to eliminate the competition. Each challenge I get more and more confident that I can win this entire competition, and yet each new challenge I am more anxious than the last.
Especially this challenge, I felt out of my element. I’ve done this before when I was a guest designer on a show called Trinny and Sussanah in London. But I felt I had more riding on this project and came back to the studio and no ideas. And everyone rolls their eyes at me and complains that I voice my nerves about the challenge, but the fact is I do doubt myself sometimes and that’s what makes me a good designer … the fact that I always question my work and push myself to refine my eye. I would never create something that I don’t agree with; it’s just not always entirely developed to a point I am happy with.

Anyway, in the end I felt I came to a great compromise and Tarren looked fabulous. So Tarren, if you’re reading this: Start dressing like the way I styled you!

P.S. I miss Keith a lot already.