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I Love This Show

James-Paul sheds light on the real relationships between the designers.

Everybody in the competition has been working very hard and really wants to show their best. In this challenge there are pressures on relationships, work, and reflecting their own touch towards the homage to their designers. The strains between each designer is disappearing and starting to clarify misconceptions about each other. I do love every single one of them. They have supported my work throughout and had a very welcoming attitude towards me and I thank them for such support. There is more to us than what was seen on TV and we really care for each other’s work and say our concerns. Haven’s departure was very intense. I felt her anxiety this morning and her leaving has an effect on the group. She has amazed me with her execution throughout the competition. I know she learned so much and she has taught me a lot as well. I love her to bits and pieces and can’t wait to see her in the future. I want to be in the finals and I am finally being supported for the work and have the support. I love this show with all my heart because it’s supporting the many facets of fashion.