In the Cards ...

Merlin knew he was going home when he pulled the Six of Swords.

It all started with Reco waking me up in the morning with sleeping robes that were left for us outside the door. Later in the Mini Challenge, we had to make a complementary piece for the robe. I did mine and thought it was one of the better ones made but of course Anna won.
The Elimination Challenge involved visiting a psychic and Tarot card reader that read us our futures. I do not remember what she said to me but I saw that I was leaving or moving on to something else.

The theme was to create something inspired by the Tarot card that we picked from the table. I took the Six of Swords. And since there are six of us competitors, it's fitting although the others have been like sword that have been nailed in my back.

Of one way or another, it doesn't matter what you create, you cannot always fight against nature and sooner or later you'll have to leave with what you carry. That fact is I lost and I went home. Happy? Yes. Satisfied? Yes. Pleased? No. What I showed was a beautiful piece compared to what the others made. I cannot believe I lost. The show might have ended, but for me, I'm just getting started.

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