James-Paul talks about his collaboration with his eliminated partner.

Lidia is a very talented person. Throughout the competition she had displayed a consistent work ethic of her own. Lidia likes working with drape and takes sincere dedication. I wanted Lidia to translate what I see from the mood board of Isaac and collaboration. It was the best way to work at the time so that our ways of working could merge together with her translation. The elimination round was very intense. This was my first time on the bottom and I did not know what to expect. All designers are talented and it was hard to judge what was produced. I was happy with what I have made and as well for Lidia’s. As my work was being critiqued it started to become a learning experience with such insight and in the end was something I needed to hear; it was an outsider asking to let the world see my work, outside the laboratory and people using it in daily lines. I learned so much, and having to see Lidia go was hard because I didn't contribute enough to make her stay, and it’s something I didn’t want to feel because it’s such a horrible thing for me not to stay.

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