Modern Social Segregation

James-Paul isn't too keen on the whole "clique" idea.

“Clique” in my understanding is a form of “modern social segregation” or an indirect reference towards racism, hate, and stereotypical belief systems. It is a social trap that this society continues to feed. One person who I would say has such a display for this is Kelly Rowland. The economics of selling around the world has changes, through Euros and dollars has trade flourished, but also cultures and heritage, as well as people who immigrates to different nations to contribute to change. The transaction of American culture has created an “Americanization” towards different societies in ways of fashion, food, commerce, and music. Societies who receive such transaction of cultural change responds through their first impressions that might not exactly mirror the original, but creates an evolved form of the idea. The “one leg up” on Angel’s trousers is an example of this “evolved fashion translation” Kelly has failed to recognize. The importance of the trickling up of the “one leg up” in hip-hop that would translate into different ways of dressing through trade, societies has created change in their cultures. It is a bartering practice that has happened for thousand of years but cultures, such as Kelly’s B-girl sub-culture in reference to hip-hop must not expected to be of pure translation, and must not be expected to be mis-translated because of the difference.

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