Off Track

The eliminated designer reveals who he thinks should have gone home instead of him.

I finally feel like our group is on track and we could possibly win. Reco is the new leader and he seems to really be open to what I have to say and really follows my vision as far as shape and color. He wants more of a woman who lives on Mars from a futuristic cartoon. I convince him that it would be better to have a Grace Jones type of woman that travels between New York and Tokyo. Reco is once again sewing so incredibly fast and is almost finished with his ski suit. Johnny is almost done as well. Haven and I are the last ones trying to finish everything and our surprise element. I am getting a little stressed and my fabric is stretching but I finally get it done. When our models go down the runway I think they look incredible and that we have a chance to win. Unfortunately, I quickly learn that is not the case and I get eliminated. I really don’t think it was my time to go. I think Keith just made it by and I think the only reason he is still there is because he is on the winning team. I also don’t think that it was fair that Andrew’s jacket was designed and partially constructed by Daniella. At least I had an original idea and sewed it myself, good or bad. I WON’T BE GONE FOR LONG!

Love, Markus

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