On My Own

Reco explains why he's so happy to see the end of the team challenges.

Finally I’m on my own. No teammates to hold a brother down. I feel I have to prove myself to the judges, America, and the contestants that I want this really bad. Design a high-end look around a high-end shoe from Bergdorf Goodman …. I have the other castmates shaking in their boots about the outerwear challenge and now I will have them doing the same … lol … I don’t know why I’m so quick about the design process. Maybe because I live and breathe fashion every single day of my life. My castmates joke about this not being America’s Next Top Seamstress, but I’ll just have to show them better than I can tell them. Five hours into the challenge, I’m done. It looks good on the outside as well on the inside. I guess since I have time to waste I’ll take a nap and make a hat. LOL. Let’s get to the good part …the show! I had the best model, the best shoe, and from the looks of it, the best dress! My dress was a hit on the runway. Good reviews from the audience and judges as well. Lidia and Andrew were up on the chopping block this time. It felt good not being up there but someone has to go. Should it be between a simple dress that wasn’t fashion forward or a horribly constructed dress? Hmmm… In the end, Andrew was sent home. We were actually getting close these last couple days. He was the one I seemed to connect with the most.

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