On Pins ... and Needles

Johnny explains his safety pin debacle.

I was so excited to hear that our elimination challenge was to design an outfit for Tinsley Mortimer. She is beyond gorgeous. Her look was very edgy which I loved. I really wanted to do something pretty, fashion forward, and a lil’ sexy. I also wanted it to have a lil artsy  feeling especially since my particular event was the art exhibition opening. I was completely in love with my dress and was excited as hell for the challenge. I was off to a great start for sure but that all changed real quick and became a hot mess. My bottom skirt was a challenge to fit my model because she was curvy and thick so I must say I skimped on the fit hoping to rely on safety pins for the day of the show to add shape. The judges really disliked my half-ass method and I was terrified I was leaving for sure. I was angry with my self and embarrassed to the point that I just wanted to go home. But after a lil pep talk and some explaining I calmed down and really realized I don’t want to leave. I wanna stay as long as I can and really be able to show America what I’m all about … no safety pins I promise … scouts honor!!!

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